The ITEC Working Paper Series features both research findings of “Doshisha University's 21st Century COE (Centers of Excellence) Program: Synthetic Research on Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness” and related studies by ITEC researchers and associates. ITEC research aims to be of high quality, relevant and accessible, and the same applies to its dissemination. The intended audience includes business people and policy makers, in addition to academics and university students. As the papers are intended for a relatively broad audience, the contents are not highly technical.

We hope you will find our Working Papers informative, and we welcome constructive feedback for the authors.

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* ITEC Working Paper Series changed its name from ITEC Research Paper Series in September 2005.

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17-02 Hiroaki Miyoshi Economics of lane-departure prevention technologies: Benefits resulting from reduced traffic-accident losses and effects of mandatory installation policies

17-01 Masanobu Kii
Hiroaki Miyoshi
Uncertainty of cost for energy technologies of next generation passenger vehicles and unachievable risk for dissemination goal


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