The Center of Excellence (COE) programs supported researcher training in technology, enterprise management and competitiveness by providing open tutorial curriculum guidance for those preparing TIM-related doctoral theses.

The tutorials were designed not only as an opportunity for scholars to present their findings and for debate among experts in the same fields but, rather, to go beyond single areas of expertise and create open networks of open-minded scholars wishing to attain new frontiers of inquiry.

Report Title
2008 01/19/2008

Determinants of Company Boundaries: Vertical Integration and Disintegration in Semiconductor Production


China’s Large Corporations

Theoretical Managerial Tactics: System Dynamics Support Shop-Floor

E-Commerce: Past and Present

Japan’s Recording Equipment Industry: Innovative Technology, Competitive Dynamism

Human Resources Issues in Medicine

Theories on Companies with No Core Technologies

Why Japan’s Electronic Industry Staggers Operating Income; Possible Solutions


Presentation 1

R&D Innovation Model for Asian Pharmaceutical Companies: Openness and Vertical/Horizontal Networks?

Presentation 2

Six-Lenses Model to Rebuild Conceptual Knowledge: Organizational R&D Activities at a Corporate Research Laboratory


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