The following subjects of the TIM Major are open to non-degree and auditing students, too.

AY2013 SCHEDULE(Please click on a figure to download PDF file.)

Time Schedule
1st period(1) 9:00〜10:30
2nd period(2) 10:45〜12:15
3rd period(3) 13:10〜14:40
4th period(4) 14:55〜16:25
5th period(5) 16:40〜18:10
6th period(6) 18:25〜19:55
7th period(7) 20:10〜21:40

Application Procedures

Those seeking to study as non-degree and auditing students at Doshisha University’s Graduate
School of Policy and Management, please contact the Office for details.

Graduate School Office of Policy and Management

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