Today, the future looks bleak for humanity should we not acquire scientific understanding of the Earth’s environment and the changes it is undergoing.

Advances in genetics have produced new possibilities for the survival of the human species. In the 20th century, advances never before imagined in quantum mechanics and computer science have made the coexistence of humans and machines conceivable. There has thus arisen the need for science and technology, born of human effort to exploit the frontiers of knowledge, to undergo a paradigm shift in the interests of the survival of humankind.

The Technology and Innovative Management (TIM) Major, acknowledging this need, offers an amalgam of learning drawn from the humanities and sciences in a five-year program involving parallel flows of instruction and research, together with educational activities that promote advanced learning and skills with a view to realizing a paradigm shift to science and technology that benefit humankind.

What makes the TIM Major stand out from other courses is the fusion of modern technology and social sciences. The instruction and research provided in the course are based on an amalgam of modern science−comprising natural science: mathematics, statistics, physics, nanoscience, bioscience and computer science−and social sciences−comprising psychology, sociology, business administration, economics, policy science and other fields

The TIM Major enables one to combine learning in various academic fields−ranging from modern science, the humanities and social science−and to identify, and work toward resolving, issues related to the sustainability of individual and societal well-being, while developing the skills to formulate policy and strategic innovations, thereby making possible the paradigm shift to science and technology for humanity.

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