Study Objective
    The meetings are convened to study business succession of small and mid-sized enterprises, aiming at academically collecting their essential matters and discussing measures to deal with them.
  Study Team Leaders
Yoshifumi Nakata ITEC Director-General/Professor, Doshisha
  Graduate School of Policy and Management
Yoshio Nakano CPA
  Study Team Members
Asli Colpan Kyoto University
Koichi Fujiwara Doshisha University
Masaharu Hasegawa Masaharu Hasegawa CPA Office
Sakio Hasegawa Hasegawa Certified Public Accountant Office
Hiroshige Hayashi Doshisha University
Go Hidaka Doshisha University
Fukio Horimura Horimura Certified Accountant Office
Hisato Ito Ito Hisato Certified Public Accountant Office
Mitsuo Kawaguchi Doshisha University
Toshiro Kita Doshisha University
Yasunari Koyano Koyano Law Office
Saeko Kuwaki SAE Management, Co., Ltd
Kunitoshi Suenaga Doshisha University
Tokuyuki Sugita Sugita Certified Accountant Office
Keiko Toya Doshisha University
  (As of April 2008)
  Past Activities