ITEC research has three objectives.

The first is the promotion of social sciences research oriented towards future society that discusses the societal mechanisms to connect new science and technology to the progress of future human society.

The second is the promotion of the Institute’s role as a platform that brings together research in the field of science and technology with research in the field of social sciences and humanities.

The third is the contribution to the 21st century-style science and technology liberal arts education that aims to spread and permeate society’s knowledge, culture and judgement in modern science and technology.

ITEC, to fulfill these objectives, operates an organization that shares its objectives and research resources with various research institutions and is open to those inside and outside the university, as well as those in Japan and abroad. Furthermore, we aim to pursue not only excellence in academia with our achievements, but also relevance in society, through contributions to public policy planning and industrial activities. In addition, we place great importance on strengthening cooperation with companies and the government, and contributing to the revitalization of companies and industries.

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