Experts in fields relevant to ITEC research are invited to give lectures, at the end of which the floor is open for discussion among participants and lecturers. In addition, the seminars serve to build partnerships between ITEC researchers and relevant experts, while providing a venue for the results of ITEC research projects to be presented. Open to the public free of charge, the seminars are an excellent opportunity for the timely presentation of research results with a social dimension. The seminars are held mostly in Japanese.

Date Title
3/18/2015 ITEC Seminar
Is Japanese Innovation "Open" or "Closed?"- A Quasi-Network Study of Patenting Effort in Japanese Electronics Firms
3/16/2015 ITEC Seminar
Stock Markets and Innovation
3/9/2015 ITEC Seminar
The economics effect of labour regulation over time: a cross-national study
12/22/2014 ITEC Seminar
Improving the sustainability of transport through innovations in automobile travel
6/6/2014 ITEC Seminar
IBM's challenge for Smart Cities -Data analysis and simulated urban transportation system-

Date Title
3/9/2013 ITEC Seminar
The graduate student's skill which is demanded from the company
3/2/2013 ITEC Seminar
Human resource development in the small and medium-sized business
3/1/2013 ITEC Seminar
The point of ITS from a legal point of view
12/15/2012 ITEC Seminar
Expectation of the future Personal Vehicle
11/21/2012 ITEC Seminar
Paying per km. Lessons from the Dutch per-kilometre tax proposal
10/19/2012 ITEC Seminar
On decarbonising global economy
10/18/2012 ITEC-NIES Joint Seminar
Regulating carbon emissions in the transport sector
07/14/2012 ITEC Seminar
06/08/2012 ITEC-KSI Joint Seminar

Date Title
02/17/2012 Labor and Finance in the United States
12/10/2011 Creating a New Value
11/27/2011 Management of shoppers
11/06/2011 Practice of the qualitative investigation in marketing
06/18/2011 Cultural Neuroscience
06/10/2011 Multi-Level Modeling of Cultural Effects on Employee Commitment:
Survey Data on Japanese and U. S. Factories in the 1980’s

Date Title
12/17/2010 The Age of Technology-filled Public : Arguing the Ethics of Scientific Technology
12/01/2010 University-Industry Links and Science Innovation Policy in the U.K.
11/26/2010 Behavioral Economics of Smoking
11/20/2010 The Future of Broadcasting: Paradigm Shifts through the Eyes of an Administrative Office
10/15/2010 Long-term Outlook for the Japanese Economy
10/07/2010 British Political Futures after the 2010 General Election - and a Look at Science Policy
07/16/2010 Open Innovation and Strategies for Intellectual Properties
05/28/2010 The Past and Future of Telecommunications - Are We Destined for Stealth Infrastructure or Dumb Pipes?
05/18/2010 What are corporate sustainability requirements?
Guest Speaker, Takeshi Matsumoto, Manager, Open Innovation Office of Osaka Gas
(July 16, 2010)
Guest Speaker, David Cope, Director, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, Houses of Parliament, UK
(October 7, 2010)

Date Title
01/30/2010 Television Three Years Hence: Lessons from the United States
01/16/2010 Analysis of Research in Standards and Standardized Research Development
12/04/2009 The ICT Industry's Role in Fighting Global Warming: Trump Card for a 25% Cut in Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
11/10/2009 An Evolutionary and Comparative Perspective on the Japanese Enterprise Software Industry
11/06/2009 Lessons from Information and Communications Policies of the Hatoyama Administration: A Global ICT Perspective
10/10/2009 Mobile Phone Business: Trends and Management: NTT DoCoMo
09/12/2009 Implementing “Open Innovation”: Lessons from the Cambridge Open Innovation Network
07/17/2009 Japan’s Science and Technology Policy Issues: Science andTechnology after the Economic Crisis

Date Title
03/28/2009 Knowledge Asset Management and Organizational Performance: Integration of Human Resources, Knowledge and ICT
10/18/2008 Measures to Curb Global Warming: Auto Industries in Japan, China and India: The Future of Automobiles
  ITEC Seminar (Sep. 2009)

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