“Essential Cause for the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident”

 11th March, 2011 is the day which marks the beginning of a new chapter in Japanese history. From 11th to 14th March, TEPCO’s executives caused the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station accident. Due to this more than 100,000 Fukushima citizens have had to leave their hometown.

 WHY was this allowed to happen?

 In our eyes, this Fukushima catastrophe has posed us with this enormous question. I believe that the lessons we learn from investigation and analysis of this accident will undoubtedly be the most valuable thing that future generations could possibly ever learn.

 The way management in Technology, Business (and other types of management), etc. are thinking, the current industry structure, the country's Safety and Security measures, and even the lifestyle of Japanese people will probably end up changing as a result.

 If everyone is afraid to openly and honestly discuss the Fukushima accident, it reflects negatively on all those employees who had nothing to do with managerial decisions which is clearly unfair and unacceptable. This is the truth. In addition, the engineers are still working hard in the Nuclear Power Station to prevent further damaging affects of the radioactivity. We have to continue working hard to clarify the facts in this case. This is our mission.

 Here, we will continue discussing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident. It is not the fault of the engineers, it is the error of Technology management. Furthermore, we will analyse about Nuclear Daini (2nd) and Daisan (3rd) Power Station.

Even after all the station blackouts, the RCIC was still moving to cool down and if the management had decided to cool down with sea water, the nuclear reactor would have been controllable. However, TEPCO’s executives hesitated to cool down with sea water on purpose. This is the main reason for this accident. We will prove this without any doubt.

Furthermore we will discuss why Fukushima Nuclear Plant had leaked radioactivity, but not in ONAGAWA plan at Tohoku Electric Power. We will also discuss, in the view of scientists and management why this happened.

Tuesday, 11th September (English Session) 9:20 – 12:00

9:45 - 10:25

Eiichi YAMAGUCHI (Doshisha University), "The Actual reason why this Accident could not have been avoided"Lecture slide

10:25 - 11:05

Taku HIRANO and Shuzo FUJIMURA (Tokyo Inst. Technology), "The engineering ethics as the key to bind the business and scientific knowledge - Case of two nuclear power plants: Fukushima and Onagawa (invited) "Lecture slide

11:05 - 11:20 Coffee Break

11:20 - 12:00

Sabine ROESER (Delft University of Technology), "Fukushima, risk and moral emotions (invited)"Lecture slide